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Molybdenum is chiefly used as an additive in the production of steel and alloys.

Molybdenum and Our Markets

Molybdenum is element number 42 of the periodic table and is a transitional metal, as a member of Group 6. It has the sixth highest melting temperatures of the elements and is often used to create high strength alloys and superalloys.

When added to steel and cast irons, it improves strength, hardness and weldability, while also elevating temperature strength and corrosion resistance. As an addition to nickel-based alloys, it enhances resistance to corrosion and high-temperature deformation.

Molybdenum alloys have unique properties, including strength at high temperatures, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and low thermal expansion.

Common industries where molybdenum is used in production are consumer, energy, industrial, medical, agricultural, aerospace, and transportation.